Some info on the custom parts of the truck.

The parts marked "G" have been made by Grinch (well done my friend). Note the brazed rollcage.

I tried to keep everything parallel in this set-up and to low the center of gravity.

The JPS chassis is very cool, but the suggested geometry is not so great if you search articulation.

Here you can see the Hellcat flex skills after some mods.



Here is a close up of the geometry.

Upper links are the JPS lower ones. Lower links are home made from
8 mm solid bars.

The upper link mounts hold the radio-plate even.

I replaced the alluminium stock plate with a bended plastic sheet.

This gives a low positioned electronics.

ESC is a Novak Super Rooster.

Mhhhhh... low CG.

Indipendent steering (I use 4ch radio) is provided by a couple of Hitec 645 MG on the JPS bumpers.

Note the cut tires "G". I love their look, but they are very soft now and very usefull crawling.

Custom made battery tray "G".
Hellcat runs 6 cells or 7 cells, it depends of from the mood ;-)