I brought home the two boxes and started to aseemble them.

If you buy a Mad Bull wanting something better than a toy for your children, you chose the wrong kit. First of all I decided to give the car a decent suspension set up.
The rear is OK for a general basher. I only installed associated long shocks. This raise the ground clearance of the chassis.

The front is very improvable.
I built new shocks towers and installed associated shocks.
The wheel travel is now increased. But the real important thing is to have oil shocks, not only springs.

I reiforced the tower shocks.

When I placed the Barbie car body on top of the Mad Bull. It didn't fit at all. The Mad Bull is too wide AND too long. Reducing the lenght is easy enough, you need only a hacksaw (LOL). So I start to think how to reduce wheel track.

Here you can see the solution. I had some old "A" arms from the first RC car I ever had (Tamiya Striker).

As you can see the old suspension arms are narrower and the pivoting steering point is more backward.


Think a solution to reduce the wheeltrack at the rear was a little bit harder. Then I tried to reverse the rims. I inserted little rims inside the reversed rims and bolted them togheter.
Wheeltrack now fit.
Then I decide to have direct steering.
Time for hacksaw.

The hacked chassis. The two halves are connected with alluminium plates.

The bottom plates works as a Skidplate even.

Pinkie was born.

ESC is a Rooster.
Steering servo is a stardard 3003 futaba.
Motor is a 17 turns double tha make Pinkie fly. This thing wheelie from stand till rollover.
She neesd a wheelie bar.

But the real funny is driving her.
I couldn't believe handling and cornering of this thing.