Thta's the toy I bought It's a Tonka Rescue Wrangler. It's not more than a toy, but it's 1:10 scale and has a good body very detailed.

My tonka was black and I decided to keep that color.
I like it and I hate paint.

That's the first mock up.
Just the body and the TLT axles.
First choice for the tires were
the stock Tamiya BFG.

Driver is a Jackie Chan Action figure.

Body off pics of the completed
(I'm always scared to use this word) truck.

As said TLT axles, single motored Juggy 1 Tranny, alluminium profile frame, Kyosho Landmax wheels and tires, Novak Rooster ESC.

The goal was to build a scale long arm suspension TJ.

Here you can see how the electronics are organized.
The black box in the front contains 3 AA batteries that works as rollbar lights power supply.

Born as a scale crawler it's geared very low. Changing pinions size I can choose the final ratio in a range between 32,2:1 to 71,7:1.
Currently it has 64,58:1.
It's low but torquey and has almost 1 hour and 1/2 or more of runtime with 2400 mah battery.

I hacked the low tranny mounts to increase the ground clearance.
So I had to think about something to keep the tranny in place.
That's the result.

There are 2 motors here. I drove the truck a bit with twin, then I decided to remove one to decrease weight.

This thing weight something around 3,4 Kg (7,5 pounds).
A diet is in the program thought.

Frame front view.
You can see the front custom bumper with working winch
and bumper working lights.

Bottom view.
The skidplate is from a 2 mm alluminium sheet.
I wanted it thick to protect the tranny, but even to add some weight in a low position.
As scale vehicle the center of gravity is a bit high compared to a non scale killer crawler machine.

Rear suspension.
I decided to split the springs
from the dampers. This allows me to search better position for the two parts to get a good articulation amount.

Rear steer is locked.