First of all I've to talk about the body. It's a Juggernaut 1 body, but it doesn't fit without some mods.
I had to cut the bed to fit the TL01 wheelbase and the fenders were to small to accept the BFG tires. Dremel helped here LOL
The rollbar has been repositioned. I removed the lights cause this truck often rollover. It isn't a shelf queen.

Here you can see the bumpers. I replaced the stock ones to increase the approach and exit angles and to have something stronger than plastic to abuse while hard off road is required.



The front bumper attach on the stock TL01 bumper, but it has been reduced to give room for the new shocks and to haven't things in front of the tires. The skidplate is a cut juggy bumper.

Close up of the bumper with the winch rollers, yes they roll :-)
I still have to add a modded servo to build the working winch.

I obviously had to increase the wheel travel. The TL01 stock travel is ridicoulous if you don't want use it only on flat dirty surface.

I built alluminium towers to use longer shocks.
The rear shock tower support the body mounts even.
Suspension set up was completed and easy to build

Now it was time to think about the gearing. You know the TL01 is built to be fast, but speed is not exactly what you need while crawling.
The lowest final ratio you can have on a TL01 without mods is 7,96:1 using a 19T pinion. I found a way to slap a 14T pinion inside this truck. This gives me a ratio of 10,8:1. Slower but not enough to crawl.
Consider that a stock pajero has a 14,6:1 final ratio and a lot of guys would like to lower it to crawl.

The first idea was to build a gear reduction, but I lost control of my self another time and ended up with the building of a complete 2 speed tranny. The 2 gears are shifted via radio.

Here's a studying pic. The white plastic plate attach on the motor holes. Obviously the motor should go where the big hole is. Then there will be a lot of pinion between the motor and the final pinion to reduce the ratio.

On top you can see the prototype of the shifting system and the servo I was thinking to use to shift gears.